Daily Dump: Wilt Chamberlain Of Horses, Reggie Miller Parties, Chris Leak Shoes And Tara Reid Is Sickening

Erin Andrews Addresses The Blog Creep FactorErin Andrews Addresses The Blog Creep Factor
Jumping From Wrigley Bleachers Cool When DrunkJumping From Wrigley Bleachers Cool When Drunk




One needs a burger the other a bra

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Today’s Dump:

Buster Posey does it all for Florida State baseball [Orlando Sentinel]

The Wilt Chamberlain of horses is done sperminating [Rumors And Rants]

Reggie Miller likes the ladies [Don Chavez]

Hitting not so easy without steroids [Waiting For Next Year]

Women’s kickball team banned from park, claims racism [Steady Burn]

2008 NFL over/under win totals [Brahsome]

Chris Leak trying to sell shoes? [Losers With Socks]

The 14 tailgaters who ruin a good time [Tailgating Ideas]

Never use a loaded backscratcher [Tasty Booze]

If you like trees and penis this post is for you [Banned In Hollywood]

Win a bar bet: The Finger Trick [Coed]

Today’s Tail:

USC will lose a class of Song Girls this weekend [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

Tara Reid still makes us sick [CamelTap]

And more Tara with this jelly belly [Drunken Stepfather]

Julianne Hough’s skin rates just about perfect to us [on205th]

We’re not big fans of Jayde Nicole’s tattoo [Uncoached]

A look inside Britney’s ass [Holy Taco]

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