Sam Keller Has Hottest Girlfriend Of 2008 Draftees


UPDATE! Keller’s Girlfriend Round 2. Even more photos for you lust over.

This really isn’t a fair fight.

It’s official. Sam Keller might not get drafted this weekend, but at least he’ll go home with this consolation prize. Or, if he does get drafted, he’ll be rewarded a celebration with this gift from God.

Welcome to recent bedroom photos of Keller and girlfriend Casey Connelly. These two seem to be the Kris and Anna Benson of football. We’re actually rooting for a Keller NFL career so that Casey will gain even more fame and shed clothes for Maxim, FHM or even the holy grail, Playboy.

We’d love to see a hotter girlfriend of a guy hoping to be drafted. Dorsey pulling down tail? Joe Flacco? You show us a better smokeshow and she’ll get her own post. Until then, this argument is over.


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    1. Adam says:

      Pretty easy to get smoking chicks when the blow head sorority girls you used to rail at ASU follow you to shitty Lincoln, Nebraska…

    2. uhhhh says:

      You people are joking right?


    3. Lakers Blog says:

      All I can say is: I'M DOWN!!!

    4. Fuck the nubs says:

      Fuck the shitty ass cornhuskers

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