Yankees-Red Sox Fight Includes Punches, Acrobatics

From NY-Boston game this past week.

This could be quite possibly the greats 25-seconds of a Yankees-Red Sox fan fight you’ll ever see. These brawls are all fun and games until some dude gets paralyzed after going over a railing.

Photos after the jump….

Boston and New York fans continue to impress us. Keep up the great work, fellas.


Update: Impossible to confirm but this appears to be from the same fight.


Fat guy from a different angle. Photo by PSUaviator.

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    1. Terren in VA says:

      Photo is the same fight – it's at about 0:12 sec into the video posted on youtube. The fight was actually going on for about 60 seconds before that video was shot. The bottom photo from PSU showed the second guy that got thrown over the railing. Not a pretty sight.

    2. Andy says:

      This shit has got to end. The Red SAWX should be forced to disband, that’s all there is to it. The Yankees can’t be disbanded because they have won too many WS titles. Either that or one team needs to move to the NL so they don’t play each other any more. These fuckers don’t deserve to have this “rivalry” if they are going to act like a bunch of dumb shits every time they play each other. Fuck ‘em, that’s what I say. Everyone else in the country hates this shit, would it really be so bad if we didn’t have to deal with this idiocy several times a year?

    3. everyone says:

      shut up andy

    4. bp says:

      How exactly do you have to deal with it, Andy? Read a blog post you're not required to read and then comment on it?

      Relax, nobody cares about you either.

      For the record, Yanks fans are far, far worse than Sox fans (Yanks fan, myself – just callin it like it is).

    5. Gordon Sewer says:

      If Andy isn't the dumbest bastard on the face of the earth, I fear for the future of the species.

    6. J Money says:

      Yanks fans are NOT "far worse," BP. They're not good, don't get me wrong, but Sox fans come into Yankee Stadium and antagonize until this kind of stuff happens. They're far more brazen and confrontational, at least in my experience.

      The best/worst part of this is that those are handicapped access seats the fight was happening in. My bro is in a wheelchair and I've sat there… glad this didn't happen then. Wheelchairs hurt when they land on your head.

      Impressive turnaround in that fight, though… one guy pummelling away and then, WWF-like, the tide turns and over the railing he goes!

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