Georghe Muresan World's Tallest Hockey Fan


Take a seat, giant, my kid can’t see Ovechkin.

Imagine paying for great Washington Capitals playoff tickets behind the goal only to discover that former NBA giant Georghe Muresan is sitting in front of you.

That was the case for several unlucky Caps fans who had to avoid the beast like a Cubs fan trying to maneuver around a steel pole.

It’s unclear if Guinness tracks such records, but it appears Georghe checks in as the World’s Tallest Hockey Fan. Correct us if we’re wrong.


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    1. Phil says:

      I wonder if he was wearing the Gheorge Muresan cologne…."Smells like cabbage…chicks dig it!"

    2. Emmett Jones says:

      Wow…good to see him out. For some reason, I thought that he got sick and passed away. And who knew that instead he was pissing off numerous hockey fans sitting behind him.

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