Pudgy John David Booty Has Body Ready For NFL

The lack of muscle tone or muscles at all never hurt Tom Brady. He’s done pretty well without a 4.6 40 and bulging biceps. Gisele doesn’t seem to mind. And Bridget Moynahan let him into her pants with that average body.


All that said, John David Booty seems to be taking a page out of the Brady playbook by heading into the NFL draft sporting a double chin, less bicep tone than Richard Simmons and what could quickly become a sizable beer gut. Oh, and don’t forget the small hands issue.

“I think that really showed what I was capable of doing . . . and answered any questions that were there,” Booty told the LA Times at a recent USC pro day.

This guy has multiple Super Bowl winning body written all over him. Will your team be lucky enough to land him on Day Two? Just a couple more weekends until you find out.


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    1. Amanda says:

      Tom Brady has worked his butt off to get the body he has today which is not even close to the skinny body he had in 2000 at the combine. So Bridget and Gisele have had the best of that new body.

    2. J Koot says:


      Tom Brady or John David Booty? Who’s your man?

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