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Kansas Hipsters Guide To Celebrating NCAA Title


Old Mil Light? Check. Classic Royals coat? Check. 1980s KU hoodie? Um, yeah.

Lawrence, Kansas seems to be a breeding ground for future Brooklynites. Frazzled hair, tight jeans, flea market hoodies and kick ass KC Royals jackets are rampant. So we figured it was a great time to check in with the scholars to see just how a hipster gets his or her party on during the NCAA Championship.

What we found were a ton of flea market clothes, cheap beer and, of course, students who look like they are ready for the nearest Vampire Weekend concert.


Hipsters find a blue cup party. Is that Bloc Party I hear in the background?



Sweet flea market find, a junior-high jersey that fits 22-year-old. Nice.



Jesus in Lawrence for the celebration. He took the redeye back to Williamsburg.



Now that is a party. Wolfmother in between timeouts.

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