Cheerleaders Post Beatdown Video, Get Arrested

Cheerleaders are not to be taken lightly, we’ve concluded. Just watch this AP video of a video of cheerleaders in Florida putting a beatdown on some chick who they say was “trash talking” on MySpace.

Looks like a possible girlfriend candidate for Patrick Roy’s son.

THE MEMPHIS RAP has all the shocking details behind this disturbing video.


Reportedly, the cheerleaders were upset with the young girl after she posted alleged trash talking on her MySpace page, so they took it upon themselves to make a video beating her to place on MySpace and YouTube which is stated to be one of five beatings given to her. According to the victim’s mother it was someone else who posted the message and they were made aware that someone had hacked into her MySpace account.

Ah, the old hacked MySpace account trick. Never works. Usually leads to an unwanted brawl.

There seems to be no remorse from those arrested, police say.

“When they were in a holding cell, they were all laughing,” Judd stated. “One of the teens arrested, who is a cheerleader, asked, ‘Does this mean I’m going to miss cheerleading practice tomorrow?’ The others were cutting up and said, ‘It looks like we won’t be going to the beach this weekend.'”

During a statement Sheriff Judd commented on the tape in which the girl holding the camera stated, “There’s only 17 seconds left. Make it good.”

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    1. afton says:

      I hope these girls and the 2 guys get a taste of the prison life. They have no remorse, and there parents have raised them to be animals. These girls will be women with the same sad and sick behavior problems.

    2. sherry stenson says:

      I can not belive that those girl's could do such a thing to another person and think it's cool it is very sad and what kind of parnet's allow this to happen in there home. They should be charged with a attemted murder and kiddnapping. And i hope they do go to jail and i hope some one teaches them a listen. Those parent's of those parent's should hand there head in shame. I truely hope they throw the book at them. I also hope they spend along long time in jail.

    3. Cary Charron says:

      Those girls and 2 guys need to be put away for many many years and when they go to court they should be charged with everything possible
      so by the time they get out they are old and Grey. this act was unforgivable they should rot for all time.

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