Daily Dump: Someone Wake Bob Knight, Tigers 0-6 Start, Lucia Has Big Boobs And Megan Fox Gives Finger

Streakers Headline Drunken Blue Jays Home OpenerStreakers Headline Drunken Blue Jays Home Opener
Anna Kournikova Makes Nick Bollettieri SmileAnna Kournikova Makes Nick Bollettieri Smile



What a lucky dolphin

We told you Friday about the “Suckiest Sports Blog Tournament.” Today it gets underway with the Parent’s Basement Region. Deadspin is a #1 seed and KSK comes in as a #2. Remember, you are voting for the blog that sucks more.

Anyone ready for a good basketball game tonight? CBS? Just give us a basketball game that keeps Bob Knight from his now famous trance.

And how about that performance by the Tigers last night. $137 million gets Mike Illitch this 0-6 start. It’s going to take a ton of pizzas to make up for that dough.

Today’s Dump:

Is a close basketball title game too much to ask for? [The Meaningful Collateral]

Lucia got her start as a Hooters model [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Miranda Kerr easy on the eyes [on205th]

Megan Fox likes to give finger [Holy Taco]

Brooks checks in with these UT-San Antonio not so hotties [Sports By Brooks]

NY Giants settle on ring design, it’ll look small in giant cleavage [Don Chavez]

Top 10 drunk foods [Coed]

Bo Pelini visits taverns hunting for football players [Journal-Star]

ESPN spell checkers take a night off [Brahsome]

The use of quotations not necessary [Tasty Booze]

Marla Maples still pulling in younger men [Drunken Stepfather]

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