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Robbie Gould Loaded In Cabo, Cheerleader In Tow

This isn’t quite Matt Leinart holding a beer bong for underage college chicks, but Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould had his own fun this spring on a Cabo vacation with other teammates and fans. Oh, yeah, he also had his “friend,” Cowboys cheerleader Megan Fox along for the party, reports the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES in a classic first-hand tale today.


Megan, front, with big boobs, just a friend of Robbie Gould

The Cabo trip was supposed to be a fan-player trip but it seemed to take on a frat party feel with Gould getting bombed on tequila. The day after the pub crawl, Gould could barely hide his hangover. (Bears fullback Jason McKie) ribbed him, noting that Gould “lost a 12-round bout with tequila last night,” reports the Sun-Times.



For $1,368, Bears fan got a trip complete with drinking binges – with players – airfare, and room at an all-inclusive resort. Devin Hester, Garrett Wolfe, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Mark Anderson, and McKie joined Gould on the trip.

Fans even got in on gambling with the Bears.

After the Q&A, Wolfe, McKie and Hester found themselves immersed in a dice game with Wrigleyville fan Stephanie Mierau. She walked off with $15 of their cash.

So lets get this straight. For just under $1,400 we can get a trip to Cabo to party with NFL players, do tequila shots, ogle at a Cowboys cheerleader just tagging along and gamble for their money.

We’re in – next year.




Gould commands ladies attention in the Windy City. Photo by Diversey Harbor



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