Not Smart! Vince Young – On Ice – Throwing Shirts

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Perfect scenario for VY. Hitting receiver not a problem. Photos by Paul Nicholson

Would a Tennessee Titans’ genius step forward.  The person who OK’d franchise quarterback Vince Young throwing out t-shirts at the Nashville Predators game last night should explain why this was a good idea.

We can see the headlines now: “NFL QB Fractures Arm After On-Ice Fall!” 

Now, BC isn’t a fan of the Titans so however Vince wants to get hurt is his decision. But isn’t there a provision in NFL contracts that specifically says to avoid any chance of injury. At the very least VY should have been wearing a hockey helmet. We would hate for his brain to be injured via an on-ice accident.

Luckily for Titans’ fan, Vince made it home safely and is actually feeling better about his career after actually completing passes to fans in the crowd.