The Busted Coverage Party Is Officially Over


We hate to bring this news to all of our fans, enemies and sponsors. Today will be the final hours for Busted Coverage. Our hosting service, the notorious DreamHost, tells us that our content will no longer be allowed on their servers. Something about “it’s too controversial.”

We were stunned.

Instead of finding a new host and continuing, a talk with Big Gay Rich and staff led to the decision to blow up this operation. All of us will be going back to a normal lifestyle of sleeping in and leaving the house more than 2 hours a day.

We’d like to thank numerous people, especially our ad network backers at Break.com. You guys have been great. Sorry it had to end this way, but it’s better now than when we’re washed up and just hanging on.

–Thanks everyone.

Busted Coverage

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    1. scott says:

      Man that's really a bummer. Ok I guess I'll stop visiting your site and I'll remove your feed from my RSS reader…..since you won't be updating anymore. I'll go ahead and post on my site too so that all our readers will stop looking at your page…..forever.


    2. chris says:

      April Fool's?

    3. Ben says:

      Nice April Fools joke….

    4. sg says:

      april fools!

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