Andy Roddick Will Marry Brooklyn Decker


PEOPLE MAGAZINE reports yet another hot chick is off the market as Andy Roddick has asked swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker to follow him around the world as his tennis hot wife.

Andy did the right thing and landed a 20-year-old to tag along to Milan, Sydney, L.A. and of course kick ass beaches of the South Pacific. At least the guy has his priorities in order. Million dollar salary, so-so tennis game and now a hot model to make him breakfast.

Pure genius.




    1. jaimie says:

      "So-so tennis game"? God help you if you're ever on the receiving end of a 155 mph serve of his. Saying he's got a so-so game is like calling you a fantastic journalist….which is a joke. Just admit you're jealous cuz you're a single loser and be done with it.

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