Keith McCants On One-Way Highway To Death

We’ve spent the past couple of months telling you about how former Auburn Alabama great and NFL washout Keith McCants has been busy killing himself with crack and being a complete loser. You can add yet another story onto this continuing saga.

Friday night police in Alabama had to Taser him after he threw his drug making gear at an officer, nearly hitting him in the head, reports the PRESS-REGISTER.


Police say McCants was panhandling while prostitutes tried to drum up business on some street corner near Mobile. That is a man who once signed a contract worth $7.4 million. Million! Gone. He gets some sort of pension but, obviously proceeds to smoke it up in an aluminum can.

Things are so bad that McCants was still in jail Saturday night on $1,500 bail. Usually 10% will get you on the streets. But he’s now used to sitting in jail rather than paying the money. He recently spent a couple days in jail for not paying a fine for driving without insurance.

Ok, kids, let this be a lesson. Crack is no good. It’ll make you a complete loser and you’ll end up begging for money and doing God knows what on a street corner. We really don’t want to know what the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer was doing if the panhandling business was down.

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    1. sande says:

      well all i can say is my only answer is god. my son used for years . and has two children now 5and6. everyday i was so angry at my son. asking why can you not just put it down. and one day the tears can . and he said i wish i never picked it up. he went into a detox center whitedeer run in allonwood pa. and he went in at around 9pm. i got a call at around 10:30 the next morning to say he passed away.i feel to the floor. i was so hurt, mad all the above. to think he went for help and died. well the place he went had no doctors on duty. and they never checked on him. so even if you go for help. check it out to make sur its a good place. and jail wont stop someone from using. but with out god. i would be dead too. a user has a heart and feels too. it may not seem like it. cause they do it over and over. at what ever cost and no matter who it hurts. its a bad thing. and i feel for him and his family.its so sad. lots of prayers

    2. me says:

      he went to bammer NOT Auburn!! please get that straight

    3. I would have to agree that God is the answer to any problem you may have (a am proof of that). We all have our personal feelings about someone who is down and have said to be out. We are quick to write him or her off, when they fall from grace (what ever happen to pick your brother up and dust them off). I never have done drugs, but I have seen people close to me fall victim to it, but I never turned my back on them nor did I walk away. Maybe someone should start a fan site called "Keith McCants, rise to the back to the top". I don't know, something supportive. No one is a bum or a washup. Love will make a man do amazing things.

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