Playboy U. Ladies Show How To Party In Cabo


It’s Day Two of our visit with the ladies of Playboy U., who’ve spent this Spring Break 2008 pouring shots, wearing tiny bikinis, shooting water guns and just looking hot. Our crush Jillian Beyor has been flaunting her huge rack and stunning body. She was joined in Cabo by a very nice selection of young Playboy talent. All this partying is starting to make us sick.


Jillian, in red with friends, cools off after a busy day of looking hot

Everyone at BC headquarters in Ohio has been pretty bummed lately. The snow won’t stop. The sun won’t come out and some douche is sitting in a Cabo beach chair taking in these festivities. He’s drinking some smoothie laced with killer rum imported from a Costa Rican runner. Meanwhile, winter brews like porter and stout are on the BC menu.

Big Gay Rich actually has a calendar where he checks off the days until June 1, the day of his annual Gay Fest on the beaches of Lake Erie. The big guy has really been producing great images, but he wants to get back on the prowl. Us straight guys just want a bottle of booze and one sunny day with the U. ladies.



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