Dick Enberg Enjoying UCLA Cheerleader Show


*(Inside (above) Dick Enberg’s head during 2nd Round tourney action)

Dear God: Does this make me a dirty old man? You know, ogling at this 21-year-old girl’s toned, strong California legs, tight ass, blond locks, and ample rack.

The guy seems stunned that he doesn’t even have to pay for this show. Notice how the pom pom is laying just in front of press row. The least Dick could do is tip the cheerleaders.

[HT: Insomniac Lounge]

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    1. Dick just wants to hook up with some young blond. Could you blame him? Dick always wants to hook up…

    2. Flipper5 says:

      Hardly an ample rack…UCLA sucks.

    3. insomniac says:

      At first, I was a lil’ annoyed about not getting the link for my pic. But as a DreamHost customer myself, I have oftentimes felt your pain of the server going down just when you need it the most. It sucks.

    4. J Koot says:


      We didn’t get the photo (Flickr) from your site but now see that it was first posted last Friday.

      Congrats on the find.

    5. insomniac says:

      Thx, Koot. Now I need to get off my ass and post the rest of my pics from Anaheim…

    6. Brad says:

      Dick Enberg is the worst announcer in the history of announcing. I listened to him doing two NCAA games on CBS and he consistently gets the score wrong. Then a player hit a 2 point shot from the elbow and Enberg called it a “three”. He tried to cover his mistake by saying “he was just inside the three point line” but it wasn’t even close.

      He should give it up…plus, Jay Bilas carries him the entire game.

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