Ana Ivanovic Climbing Hottest Tennis Player Poll


Anyone else notice women’s tennis is back and that means Euro bombshell Ana Ivanovic has landed on the mainland to break American male hearts with her muscular, tanned, young legs. We get the feeling this will be the year Ivanovic makes her name known for her, uh – tennis skills. This week she’s at the Pacific Life Open and amazingly her legs are already bronzed and it’s March.

Why Ivanovic? Well, Maria Sharapova is old news, and her legs have been Googled for 5 years now. It’s time for new meat on Madison Ave. Sharapova is barely legal, but in our minds she’s sorta been around the block.

Instead, we’ll be spending the season working over the Serbian’s photo galleries for the latest and greatest.

Stay tuned.

[Ana Ivanovic Wiki]




    1. AMS says:

      Ana is certainly cute but she’s not even remotely in Maria’s Class. Maria will never be old news – have you seen some of her recent Cole Haan ads? She’s in a class by herself.

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