Kentucky Wildcats Have Jesus As Big Dance Backer


The obvious reason UK made the Big DanceLord Almighty.

Jesus sorta looks like he’s from Kentucky. A little more hair growth in the front and he’d resemble 45% of the male population south of the Ohio River. Now, not only is BC going to hell, but our inbox will be filled with religious freaks and Cat fans calling us names.

Bring it on. Yeah, Jesus must be on your side. He got your asses into the Dance, but we seem to think he’s a bigger fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. Worst to first in 4 days.



    1. Brad E. says:

      Well we may have mulletts,but we will still kick any ass you farm feed cocksuckers…HAHAHAHA… I have always been a UK fan and will till the day I die. Yeah UK sucked ass this year but one reason we got into the “DANCE” is because when we appear we bring money..It might be from foodstamps or welfare but bygod we bring and support different cities with our money….As god as my witness Kentucky Wildcats WILL RISE AGAIN..7 National Titles is not enough…Only team that is beating us is UCLA….YOU FUCKERS ARE GOIN DOWN…..PEACE FROM THE MULLETTS DOWN UNDER

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