Daily Dump: Chechnya Soccer Returns, Legend of Bobby Layne, NBA St. Paddy’s Day And DJ Strawberry’s Ex

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Today’s Dump:

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Just how did Kentucky get into Dance [Losers With Socks]

Breaking down brackets via cheerleaders [Fan IQ]

Chechnya takes break with killing for soccer [Deuce of Davenport]

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Top ways sports blogging will change with time [Epic Carnival]

Get to know legend of Bobby Layne [Mondesi’s House]

NBA takes St. Patty’s Day very seriously [MacGsWorld]

Bigger brains belong to beer drinkers [Tasty Booze]

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Vote for the Grasshoppers [Brahsome]

Sad: Guy loses dead wifes’s voice forever [Blog of Hilarity]

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Today’s Tail:

DJ Strawberry’s ex quite busty [Don Chavez]

Saskia Howard-Clarke carries these boobs around [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Buy yourself a gypsy bride [Bright Black Internet]

Alexa Demara just another hot Wisconsin chick [COED]

Tara Reid downhill fall continues [Drunken Stepfather]

Brianne is a smokeshow [Barstool Sports]

If this isn’t Kristin Davis we smell lawsuit [Bitten and Bound]