Masterbator Ruins Flight, Crazy Woman Says


You know how the “experts” say to never use a hotel bedspread. Well, Busted Coverage is here to report you should never sleep on a flight ever again. You can’t be sure when a guy is going to end up next to you and pounding it while you doze off, only to awake to a substance in your hair.

That is exactly what Centava Dozier claims happened to her on an American Airlines flight from Houston to L.A., according to MY FOX HOUSTON.

Dozier has filed suit against American over this sticky mess.

The $200,000 suit claims a passenger masturbated in the seat next to Centava Dozier on a flight from DFW International Airport to Los Angeles during Dozier’s spring break in 2007.

Dozier said she was sitting on an unoccupied row of the plane when it took off and fell asleep. When she woke up, she found a stuck substance in her hair and a man masturbating in the seat next to her.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time Dozier has filed suit over this incident. Just a year or so ago she was seeking $750,000 for getting the messy treatment. She claims the trauma caused her to quit school and a job.

We actually need to see a photo of Ms. Dozier to see if she’s deserving of such money for such an act. She needs to remember that Spitzer was only paying a grand for pretty much top-shelf East Coast tail.

We’re guessing this Dozier chick isn’t even close to that level so it’s our judgment that she deserves $500 and 4 Free Round-Trip Tickets to anywhere American flies in the lower 48.



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