Ironic: UCLA Fan Has Bruins Winning Tournament

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Going to work this week? Prepare for the guy in the next cubicle to drive you crazy for three straight days abouthis Big Dance bracket sheets.

“Dude, I really think Xavier could get through to the Sweet 16 and beat Duke.”

“Could happen…but on one of my other brackets I have Duke in the Final Four.”

“No matter what, I’m good.”

We have an idea – fill out a couple thousand brackets and you’re sure to land a winner, jackass. We’re even more pissed at how this will be year #2 without the famed Staten Island Million Dollar Tournament Pool, reports the DAILY NEWS.

Jody’s Club Forest was home to a $1.5 million tournament pool but that was all ruined by a single moron.

…one of the winners claimed the cash on his taxes, which made the IRS curious, and the bean counters launched an investigation into previous winners, a police source told the Daily News last year. The bracket pool, which began in 1977, was canceled for the first time last year, amid the probe.