Tebow – The Male Erin Andrews – Keeps 'Em Smiling


Notice a threads trend, ladies?

You know how Erin Andrews sometimes ends up in photos with slobbish losers who root for the BrewersTim Tebow has a similar problem. In public he has to take one for the team and give all the chicks a chance to feel the Heisman hands of steal. In this latest pic he’s accosted in the Jacksonville airport by a couple of lookers.

We’re officially calling him the male version of Erin Andrews. Except we’ve yet to see women who bow to the feet of EA.

The only part of social interaction Timmy needs to work on is not wearing the same shirt during the same 30-day period. You’re going to be a rich Chippendale’s dancer after college. Throw some new threads on a Visa and mix it up once in a while.

[Tim Tebow Makes Not-So-Hottie Smile]



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