March Madness Hotties! Portland State Cheerleaders!



Jerry Glanville found a couple of new recruits 

BC loves March Madness. Guys who’ve spent an entire season playing in some 2,000-seat pavilion in some loser town finally get the chance to visit Orlando to get their heads slammed in by Memphis.And you get a commemorative watch that you’ll be able to sell on eBay when you can’t make rent.

The other great part of March Madness is that Busted Coverage gets the opportunity to discover hot chicks at these smaller schools. Take today’s find, the Cheerleaders of Portland State University. We would have never given these women the time of day until their school landed an automatic bid to the tourney.



Now they are really on our radar. Especially after these MySpace photos smacked us in the face.  We’re officially rooting for the Vikings next week.

[PSU cheerleader: Ilona]




    1. Andy says:

      The “hey, check out my pussy” pose that the girl in pic #2 is showing off is by far my favorite in all of cheerleading and really needs to be celebrated. If I ever start a blog, it’s focus will be sports and girls that love to do that pose.

    2. joe says:

      Yea, put a bag over her head. Her nose looks like it could gore.

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    5. Steve says:

      I wonder if the girl in pic 2 noticed a breeze?

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