Fired Chick-Fil-A Cow Mascot Boiling Mad

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We’re always down for mascot news, especially when they are fighting.

Today we make the trek to California where Melissa Forsberg, no relation to Peter, is a Cosumnes River College student just trying to make ends meet. Melissa had experience on the mascot market so a job with Chick-Fil-A as the cow standing on street corners seemed like a good fit.

Then she had an altercation with some dude pushing a shopping cart down the street. He was also throwing shopping carts at oncoming traffic. Greaser threatened the cow, police intervened and Melissa promptly asked for security detail for her corner working hours.

Then she was fired.

Forsberg later met with her management to discuss security solutions and said they offered to have an employee check on her every 30 minutes and to give her a cell phone.

“Which is really useless when you have thick, furry fingers,” she said.

Exactly! Plus, you have to take the head thing off. That could scare the shit out of kids who really think a cow stands on two feet and tries to make humans eat chicken. When will these mascots get it through their thick costume head that corporate America can’t bend over for their ridiculous demands.

Meanwhile, in happier mascot news, Arkansas State has gone politically correct and abandoned it’s offensive Indian garb for a more friendly, Red Wolf mascot. Kudos to ASU.

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