Jenn Sterger's Real Talent (Boobs) Wasted By Sprint

Who wants to hear Jenn Sterger chat with Bruce Pearl? If you said yes, please leave now. You’re corrupting this non-conforming sports blog. BC is not for you.

Anyway, Jenn has been busy working the college scene for Sprint who has, undoubtedly, shelled out some serious cash for this entertainment venture. And the results have been horrendous. The above video, posted March 12, has garnered 52 hits as of this writing.

In an hour we had better visitor numbers than Sprint for the classless “Grandma rents All-Male Solos” post.

Let us give Jenn’s handlers some advice. Boobs. That’s it. Bust those babies loose and the blogging world will go crazy. When Jenn visits a school we want her in tight Lycra shorts and a half-cut, belly exposing, ripped t-shirt.

Until then we’re stuck with Jenn more less wearing a burqa. That’s not going to cut it.



    1. Andy says:

      You know what is the most fucked up thing? A chick becomes popular for her hot tits, face, ass, whatever then decided at some point that the public would enjoy learning about some of her other “talents.” How does that even happen?? Who is giving these idoits this kind of career advice??

      Unless the words “home made sex tape” or “dying to fuck Andy” are involved I don’t give a shit what this broad has got to say.

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