Daily Dump: Big Ten Network Strikes Again, Amy Winehouse Crack, Beckinsale Dances And Angelique Boyer Does

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Those Spanish classes finally become useful

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Today’s Dump:

Big Ten Network strikes again, tourney pretty much not viewable [The Meaningful Collateral]

Absolut on ice [COED]

Dwayne Jarrett catches DUI [Mercury News]

Top 25 pitchers under 25 [I’m Writing Sports]

Educate morons with your bling [Tasty Booze]

Professor of Poon visits Spitzer’s hotel room [MacGsWorld]

U. of Florida chicks are not treated well [Losers With Socks]

Reasons why Don Nelson is still with Golden State [Epic Carnival]

Initial rings are stupid and so is Benji Madden [Blog of Hilarity]

How to parent: Leave a note before skipping town [Cuzoogle]

Today’s Tail:

Amy Winehouse shows off butt crack [Drunken Stepfather]

Kate Beckinsale dances in her undies [Holy Taco]

Laura just another hot chick from Beantown [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Angelique Boyer does Maxim Mexico [Bright Black Internet]

A bike week tradition: Slaw Wrestling [on205th]

Hump Day Hottie: Kate Mara [Next Round]