The Semi-Safe For Work Orange Coast College Cheerleader Photos



Don Chavez is back to his old ways this week, locating some super NSFW photos of what he’s calling the Orange Coast College cheerleaders doing Las Vegas. We’ve never even heard of Orange Coast College. California must have schools just for hot chicks to say they are in college.

Chavez is famous for his Sacramento Kings dancer photos, but for some reason we believe he’ll see some huge stats from these OCC ladies showing it all off. Since we are a respectable site with major advertisers, we can’t and won’t post the NSFW versions. Visit Don for the entire show.

We can, however, show some of the classier fun had by the OCC ladies.




    1. isaac says:

      I think don chavezs server blew up

    2. Lee says:

      Doesn’t any other site have these pictures? Don Chavez looks to be dead as a doornail right now.

    3. J Koot says:

      We figured it was a good idea to put some of the photos on BC.

      Don is the man…when his site is up.

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    5. Ace says:

      Haha…Its a Community College in Costa Mesa, CA. Its ranked pretty high in Playboy’s Hottest colleges I believe. And yeah… Its pretty much a school for hot girls…oh and I go to school with them =]

    6. Kyle says:

      Totally went to High School with the chick that has red tape on her face. Fun girl!

    7. schlep says:

      Man, I knew I shoulda gone to OCC instead of Goldenwest.

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