Dopey Keith McCants Sits In Jail Cell


Used to be worth $7.4 million, now driving without insurance

Keith McCants just can’t catch a break. The former ‘Bama star and NFL bust once signed a $7.4 million contract but has now been reduced to a doper loser who is now sitting in an Alabama jail cell for driving without insurance.

The PRESS REGISTER reports McCants agreed to serve a 10-day jail sentence instead of paying the $610 fine.

Smart move, Keith. Now you’ll have extra money to buy more crack when you get out. Plus, it’s a warm bed you haven’t had in some time. You’ll have electric, cable, hot meals and mail service. It’s like a 4-star hotel compared to life you’ve been living.

Recently we brought you the story of how McCants has been recently found in doper houses and without a dime of his former contract that made him a very rich man.

Something tells us ESPN will be on this story in about a month.

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    1. Julie Wilkinson says:

      It is a sad thing that this sight hasn’t reported the full truth of the situation with Keith McCants. There are many people here in Mobile, AL who know Keith McCants and care about him. I am just one of them. We want to see Keith McCants get free of crack and rebuild his life. What you are doing on this site is counterproductive to that. You are effectively kicking a man who is down and hurting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We are all human: we all make mistakes.

    2. […] In other sports news, who watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 ‘Broke’ documentary? Sad shit, right? Doesn’t get any worse than Bernie Kosar being so broke he couldn’t afford to keep his daughter out of porn. That’s broke. Then there’s crack addict Keith McCants and his trips to jail. […]

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