Date With A Cleveland Cavs Dancer Canceled


A straight guy actually canceled a date with one of these ladies 

Here is the news any straight guy would not believe is possible. Our friend, 6-foot-7, canceled his Saturday night date with a Cleveland Cavaliers dancer.

That’s right, let us repeat that. He called off the date but did send flowers to say sorry.

His reasoning: something about not being interested.

Now our buddy is having second thoughts and a real date could be back on. We’ll let you know if he comes to his senses and goes through with an evening all of us true straight guys can only dream of.

Please let 6-foot7 know why this type of behavior will not be accepted by the true straight males of the world.

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    1. Andy says:

      What can you really say about Mr. Beanpole? He doesn’t like chicks who seek to fill the emotional void left by their fathers by dancing in public for attention and having dirty, anonymous sex for affection. Who wants to deal with that? Plus having all your friends be jealous is a real pain in the ass. Someone get this guy a medal and a trophy ASAP.

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    3. mo says:

      i agree with that. besides, well i cant speak of the cavalier cheerleaders/dancers because i havent gotten a good look at them all, but cheerleading does not make girls hot by default. some are obviously NOT hot, they only make 60 dollars a game in some cities, and some guys(albeit few) are looking for more than just those things in a woman.

    4. Thanks for the post, please enter is beautiful.

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