Daily Dump: Lisa Marie Is Huge, Ticketmaster Racist and Chuck Liddell Wants To Fight


BC got a call from our business manager: “Good choice of weekends to visit NYC,” he said with his Panamanian accent. Yeah, he’s right. We couldn’t have picked a worse weekend to be on the East Coast. Downpours and fog are on the menu and it doesn’t plan to let up until tomorrow.

Then it gets cold. Shit. Oh well, how about we get to some links and try to enjoy life for a couple of minutes.Â

Daily Dump:

This popsicle cools Lisa’s lips [Hottest Girls of MySpace

Who would stalk this cheerleader? [Sports By Brooks

Tom Coughlin resume looks good now [Intentional Foul]

Ticketmaster racist? You decide [Barstool Sports

Lisa Marie would make Fat Elvis proud [on205th.com

Meet Kelly Rowlands new breasts [Holy Taco

Chuck Liddell wants to fight any, all [Cage Potato

Proof UCLA has hottest cheerleaders [COED

Apple Store peep show [Tasty Booze

A night with Amy Reid will cost only $3,000 [Bitten and Bound]  

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    1. Lee says:

      I go looking for some hot UCLA cheerleaders and get a pic of Chuck Liddell.

      Just letting you know it’s the Cage Potato link for the UCLA link too.

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