Ohio State Spring Breaker Busts Out Breasts, Police Close In


Breaking!! We think Amy Police was on last season’s volleyball roster at Walsh University. We’re working our contacts in Northeast Ohio to confirm this news. SEE THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE BOOKING WEB PAGE.

You cannot go around showing off your boobs Florida beaches. That is the lesson an Ohio State student learned the hard way this past weekend, according to the NAPLES NEWS. Check out the chicks cool name below the glory shot.


“The ironically named Amy Elizabeth Police, a 20-year-old student of Ohio State University from Perry, Ohio, was arrested Sunday afternoon. Authorities say she flashed a raucous crowd around a swimming pool, then tried to slink away from a deputy trying to confront her,” the News reports.

The boob bust reaction was split along species lines.


(from the Naples News)

“If you flash your boobs, it’s indecent exposure whether it’s Spring Break or not,” (one chick) said from behind a pair of fashionably oversized sunglasses. “It’s no different where it happens.”

But on the male side it was pure outrage at how the police handled this situation.

“She got arrested for that?” Fitz said incredulously. “Hell, I’d throw her a party, not arrest her.”

Hell, we’d give her an entire Busted Coverage post and page devoted to her showing breasts. Police need to calm down and send these chicks our way. A call will be placed later this afternoon to our business manager Raul to get some business cards down to Fort Myers Beach.

The search for this chicks MySpace/Facebook page has officially begun.

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    1. Andy says:

      Dear terrorists,

      You win.



    2. Mac G says:

      What Andy said.

    3. Tim says:

      She’s not from OSU…She’s from Walsh University in North Canton…check your sources. Everyone’s blowing it out of proportion…girls will be girls and the sheriff was an a**hole.

    4. J Koot says:

      Tim, we just report it how the newspaper in Florida reported it.

      We’ve got our sources. The Naples News or whatever it’s called.

      Have any good photos of this event?

    5. Chandler says:

      She’s a lil chunk dont ya think? Why wouldn’t they have arrested the hotter buckeye who had “O-H” on her right boob and “I-O” on her left? I hate that cheer by the way.

    6. Lol says:

      Um I’m an Ohio State student and I am still very much in school. Its our finals week this week (March 10th – 13th) and spring break officially starts on Monday March 17th. Nice work people.

    7. Dawn says:

      The poor girl’s bikini strap broke and she accidently showed her girls. She was trying to get back to her towel to cover herself and this “sheriff” claimed she was running from him. So much for resisting arrest. Our justice system at work folks.

    8. Katie says:

      i went to high school with her. does not surprise me one bit.

    9. jack says:

      i found her facebook page

      shut up katie, u seem like a whore yourself

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