Allison Stokke Cal Bears 20X30 Inch Photo Only $65

Indiana University Cheerleader Shows Entire PackageIndiana University Cheerleader Shows Entire Package
Jerry Rice Gives Tempe12 Hottie A LiftJerry Rice Gives Tempe12 Hottie A Lift

Now that we’ve exposed the first Allison Stokke collegiate pole vault photo, we’ve learned that you can buy your very own Stokke mugshot in a variety of sizes.

We suggest you go with the 20X30″ Glossy Print, which would look great in your corner office. Fellow coworkers can walk in and praise you on your daughter and little will they know you surf the ‘Net late at night seeking new digital files of your crush.


We’re still debating which is scarier: the ability to buy wallets of Cal track team members or poster sized images like you had of Dominique Wilkins back in ’89.

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