Only Known Allison Stokke Cal Photo Found

* Update: Buy your very own 20X30 Allison Stokke mugshot.

After an extensive and exhaustive search, we believe Busted Coverage has found the very first picture of the Allison Stokke as a freshman pole vaulter for the Cal Bears. If you have another shot, by all means we want to talk.

This photo is from the MPSF Championship held in Seattle this past weekend. And we discovered it by chance.


A quick glance at the pole goddess shows us she’s been missing the rays at Berkeley. But we’ll sacrifice the tanned look for what appears to be even shorter uni shorts. Cal should be commended for its choice in pole vaulting attire.

The Internet sensation had a great meet, setting a new Cal indoor and freshman record with a mark of 13-1.

(The standalone Cal photo after the jump.)


(All praise to littlepod)

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    1. Mac G says:

      And we discovered it by chance? thats a good one. BC has a Cal Track Team RSS feed. Dont Lie.

    2. cuzzy says:

      Great find, it is good to know the Internet has some true value.

    3. J Koot says:

      I set the RSS feed to “Hot pole vaulters made famous on With Leather.”

    4. Isaac says:

      Good find!…..She definitely does not look as good though…

      damn shame

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    6. Jon says:

      If anyone wants to purchase their own Allison Stokke head shot, go here: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/viewphoto.php?albumId=359&imageId=28535&source=&page=2&searchField=&searchstring=&orient=&sort=&sortorder=&numperpage=&imagepos=

      You can get anything from 4 2×3 wallets for $7.99 up to an original high-res pic (2336×3504 pixels) for $60.00

    7. ham says:

      thats a smidge creepy

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    9. Scot says:

      I believe that she went to Newport Beach High School in California. If you look hard enough, you will find all sorts of pictures of her

    10. J Koot says:

      Yeah, Scot, the idea of the post was that this is the first collegiate photo of Ms. Stokke that has surfaced on the ‘Net.

      Trust us, we’re totally aware of the high school days.

    11. manny says:

      Ouch. Her hips are looking a little wide. I guess the freshman 15 even hits star athletes.
      (that said I would still totally do her)

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    13. She is so hot. Very nice.

    14. david says:

      Is it coincidence that Katie Morgan is also on the pole vault team? I hope not!

    15. John says:

      I still don’t see the deal about this girl myself. There are plenty of girls her age who look like that. Maybe it’s from everyone being behind the monitor too much to notice.

      Oh well looks like everyone is saying her looks have taken a hit after seeing one photo.

      Here’s to never having to hear about pole vaulting again! cheers

    16. lowell says:

      That’s the beauty of her.
      She’s a wonderful athlete, and a lovely young lady.

      And on the subject of Track and Field, I don’t see why Marion Jones had to go to jail.
      Who’d she ever hurt?

    17. digger says:

      She doesn’t have anything close to a weight issue and if her hips are a little wide, which they aren’t, it is because she is having sex (betting she is).

    18. Tim says:

      Are you serious, who did Marion Jones hurt? Her teammates who lost their medals, competitors who didn’t cheat, even bookies. Without her pharmaceutical help, maybe she does not make the Olympic teams, opening spots for legitimate athletes who worked hard and could have used the income and exposure. The pride of the nation who cheered and supported her, even when she was lying about her Balco ties. She lied, she has no honor.

    19. gary says:

      She looks like Linsay Lohans sister Ali Lohan!

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    21. T-Bone says:

      Will guys! NOT BAD. I would let her pole vault withme anyday. She looks pretty tight for a college freshmen

    22. Shaun says:

      There are plenty more pictures of her out there… I know I have them.

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    24. […] more of Allison Stokke Click Here. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

    25. coffee says:

      nice journalism, keep up the good work

    26. sportzbuzz says:

      dang, that gurl be fit!

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