Playboy U. Chicks Do UCLA, Play With Balls


We had to issue BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich a reprimand for missing these photos this week. It seems he’s been surfing the Australia Gay Mardi Gras instead of hot chicks like he was hired to do.

But being the ever thoughtful editor around here, it was time to show off the ladies of Playboy U. recently partying and playing with balls at some random UCLA bar. It must be great to own a company where you dispatch 20-something chicks to a bar to promote your brand. We have the brand. It’s just the chicks part BC has trouble with.


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    1. Andy says:

      Shouldn’t Playboy chicks be hot?

    2. J Koot says:

      Hef has so many niche publications his stable is spread thin.

      He’s like the American military of the poon industry.

    3. Andy says:

      That’s why Penthouse > Playboy.

    4. bree says:

      actaully…those chicks arent playmates..they are PlayboyU students….like me. playboyu is a soail networking site, but its not like myspcae or facebook or any of that kind of shit….u have to be invited to be in it. once ur in, ur invited to playboyu parties that are hosted around the cntry. playboy goes to different colleges around the nation, and parties are thrown, and friends are made. this event that these giels were at were to romote the site….thats all it was. they are not playmates or bunnies….they are normal college students.

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