Daily Dump: Jason Kidd’s New Tag Partner, Hooters China A Go, Alena Seredova Is Hot And Very Sexy Bra

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Jason Kidd risked child support payments for this

Cruising the Internet to find 10 items to waste part of your day while your girlfriend/wife prepares to drag your ass to Macy’s for 40% off sales. Sucker! BC will be catching future OSU baller and possible Mr. Ohio, William Buford, before he heads to Cbus and tickets set us back $40 for a shit seat and expensive beers.

Today’s Dump:

Sasha Singleton’s breasts are mesmerizing [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Angelina Jolie thinks penis shaped gum is funny [Holy Taco]

This is what Jason Kidd is tagging [on205th]

Hooters China will serve up T&A during Olympics [Sports By Brooks]

Spring Break is for memories, not STDs [COED]

Daily Smokeshow: Nikki [Barstool Sports]

Remember when Elle MacPherson was young and hot? [Drunken Stepfather]

“Very Sexy Bra Too Racy,” You be the judge [Bitten and Bound]

Alena Seredova makes these bikinis look very good [Bright Black Internet]

Horseballs reups with Shitstains, Quinn prepares to sit [ESPN]