Beetlejuice Drunken Dwarf Bowling Set For Staten Island


A jolly drunken dwarf bowling event at Big Nose Kate’s dive bar on Staten Island could bring major penalties, the Staten Island Advance reports.  Beetlejuice, made famous by the Howard Stern Show is set to bring his dwarf bowling spectacle to Kate’s for a night of boozing and tossing around short people.

But the locals not amused. “It’s a sad commentary on society if that stuff is allowed to happen,” one local told the Advance.  (Not nearly as sad as grown men taking photos with Terrelle Pryor.)

Kate’s faces liquor license violations since there is actually a bill on the books to prevent such events as dwarf-tossing and dwarf-bowling. Mario Cuomo ruined all the fun back in 1990. But that hasn’t prevented Beetlejuice from becoming the biggest legend on the circuit.

Take a look at what you can expect at Kate’s. It looks like your typical white-trash bar. Chicks doing things to each other, tats, Kid Rock on the juke, tons of Budweiser, 151 fire bombs, etc. Stop in, toss around the dwarf, have a couple of beers and call it a night.

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    2. E Buzz Miller says:

      Who me?

      I wayz 250 pands man, I got a big arm like 24 hours dood.

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