You Will Not Rush Vanderbilt Basketball Court


Police guard the oddest college basketball court in the nation

At least Tennessee gets to be the #1 team in the country through the entire week. By now you’ve watched ESPN, Mike and Mike, listened to numerous ESPN radio updates, blogcasts, game chats, etc. telling you that Vandy beat UT last night in Nashville.

The Nashville City Paper tells us about the Vandy players’ reaction. “Everybody was jumping around, happy, hugging each other,” VU guard Jermaine Beal said in describing his team’s post-game scene in the locker room.

The only disappointment from the game was that students weren’t allowed on the court. School officials might have been afraid of non-gym shoe scuff marks. Whatever happened to an old-fashioned near riot where the students rush the court and rip down the nets. We need new blood for our Top 10 Sports Fan Arrests For Being Dumb, Drunk and Disorderly.


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    1. Pdean says:

      This is probably because Vandy got fined $25K last year by the SEC for rushing the court after beating Florida-

    2. Come on, that is lame. There is no way they could’ve stopped everyone from going down on the court if everyone just went down on the court. Vandy students are lame. They need to learn to charge a court and set couches on fire outside of the stadium like the kids at Maryland.

    3. VandyFudge says:

      Here’s the deal:

      The SEC has a policy about rushing the court/field after games. A school is fined $10,000 the first time and $25,000 the second. On the third violation of the policy, the school is fined $50,000 and they MOVE THE STUDENT SECTION. Also, they try to look at surveillance tapes to figure out who started the rush and take disciplinary action against them.

      We already used up our first two offenses, so you can figure out the consequences if we’d rushed the court then. Our student section is pretty near the court, and we didn’t want to lose that.

      Also, our Administration (read: Third Reich) equipped the cops with camcorders to catch those at the front of the rush (if it were to happen). They (supposedly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true) invested in a face recognition software a few years ago, which is linked to the photos in the student card office database. Even though people didn’t rush the court, they still used those camcorders to bust kids for other things.

      Anyway, that’s why we didn’t rush the court.

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