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Top 10 Sports Fans Arrested For Being Dumb, Drunk And Disorderly


The only cops we want smacking us around. “Yes, ladies, we’ve been bad!”

After writing the piece on the Texas first grade bomb thrower, we began thinking.“Hmm, we’ve never seen a compilation of the best (sports related) arrest photos the Web has to offer.”

So we grabbed a beer, turned the tube to Cops and began the search. Without further hype or stupid commentary, here is our list of the Top 10 Sports Fans Arrested For Being Dumb, Drunk and Disorderly.

#10. Crazy Euro-Trash Soccer Fan: Police close in as Konrad prepares to hurt someone with a plastic chair. Eat it England!


#9. Illegal Immigrant Dodgers Fan: Quite possibly the only time in baseball history a fan is arrested wearing a Rafael Furcal jersey. Doesn’t mind getting sent to jail. Free burritos and Sprite courtesy of loony liberals.


#8. The Santa Drunk: The fat, jolly man slips in at 8 due to his ability to stand wearing a Santa suit at a Hawaii football game. That sweaty mess must have smelled like Charlie Weis’ ass after August two-a-days.


#7. Cheering For Wrong Team Guy: This Texan learns lesson #1. Never wear your team’s shirt into the Dog Pound. Clevelanders would love nothing more than to kick your ass.


#6. NCAA Sub-Division Streaker: It takes Big Sky balls to let it all hang out at a NCAA football game played in Montana. You’re likely risking shrinkage and being on Facebook before posting bail. Think before you streak.


#5. Pre-Game Arrested Guy: There is little more embarrassing than not even making it into the stadium before being cuffed. Just ask Mets fan outside Turner Field before an East Division showdown with the Braves. These guys waste the opportunity of getting tanked and then streaking during a John Smoltz windup.


#4. Euro-Hottie Soccer Fan: “Look miss, we just need to take you in for some questioning.” We’re actually not sure if she was arrested (not likely) but this post had way too many dudes being cuffed.


#3. The Guy Who’s Had Way Too Many: This level of drunkenness has its own name: F@cked up! How else do you describe the guy who scales a football goal post in the middle of a Middle Tennessee State football game in which the good team wins 44-0. Sorry for the blurry photo. The photographer was most likely drunk.



#2. Snow Angel Indians Fan: The guy who will go down in Cleveland sports history. Snow Angel Hero managed to get into the outfield and go to town on the grass during the opening day snowstorm.




#1. Twinkie Fan Safe At Home: This was a really tough call. Our initial reaction to Twins fan was extreme laughter. Just look at how impressed the fans are with this drunken hero. The guy ran the bases and finished with a Charlie Hustle into home. If we ever met this guy he’d receive multiple shots and tickets to a Twins game.





    1. Andrew says:

      You should have put up a picture of the drunk guy who took the ball out of Brett Farve’s hand at a Cincinnati/Green Bay game a few years back. Classic image of a drunk guy on the field. Even better that he was able to avoid the first 2 security guards before being taken down. The look on Farve was priceless.

    2. J Koot says:

      The goal was to give some of the lesser known arrestees a chance at the limelight.

      We probably could have made this a Top 50 list but the beer supply would have run out by #32.

    3. Chris says:

      You aren’t kidding, Andrew, about the drunk guy taking the ball out of Brett Favre’s hand! I was at that game sitting in the endzone in which the guy dodged the 2 security guards in front of! The whole scene lasted at least 30 seconds! Favre actually hiked the ball and dropped back to pass. As his arm went back to throw, that’s when the fan ripped it from his grasp and ran the opposite way haha! Clearly a top 5 moment!

    4. Karl says:

      #9. Free entry back into America by closet fag, hypocrite conservative needing cheap labor because his fat kids are too lazy to mow his lawn

    5. Dave says:

      How about the guy that jumped from the stands and into the exitway to catch a football on a field goal. I think it was a Giants game.

    6. Blandtastic says:

      streaker at an MLS exhibition game was hilarious… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRvP73YCKao&feature=related

      Also i can’t find the video but a guy jumped on the ice naked at an NHL game and knocked his head..stretchered out buck naked lol

    7. Ron says:

      The funniest part of # 1 is when the Bat Boy tackles the crap out of the fan! Hillarious! Bat Boy should be in the NFL.

      Check out here on YouTube:

    8. DP says:

      How could you not include the ultimate drunken fan? Attacking a first base coach for no apparent reason, then getting pummeled by both teams…


    9. Ron says:

      The funniest part of # 1 is when the Bat Boy tackles the crap out of the fan! Hillarious! Bat Boy should be in the NFL.

      Check it out here:

    10. lozo says:

      this is nice work, but leaving my boy william ligue joon-yah off the list is criminal. get it? criminal?

    11. Minnesnota says:

      You missed the best part about Stupid Fan #1. He slid into home, stood up, and inbetween the first pictrue and the second picture was full speed tackled to the ground by the batboy, who you see walking back to the dugout in pic number 2.

      He got his ass kicked by a batboy!!!

    12. Joe says:

      I was actualy at that Twins game when that happened. Had my camera with me too, but had a Dom dog in one hand and a beer in the other, leaving me no chance to snap a few shots.

    13. Pat says:

      How about the Ligues? Come out on the field and beat up a Royals coach, who had his back turned.

      Don’t forget, a season later, somebody coming out of the stands to beat up an umpire.

      By the way, both of these happened at the New Comiskey, er, US Cellular Field against the Royals. Not saying that all White Sox fans are like this, but still…

    14. Justin says:

      You forgot the Cleveland Browns fan who ran out onto the field, only to be body slammed by Steeler linebacker James Harrison. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC3xNSiRTDc

    15. D says:

      The reason the fans are going so crazy for the Twins fan…is because the ball boy spear tackled him as soon as he stood up…

    16. John says:

      You must sit near me Chris… section 154. I still believe the Bengals lose that game if that guy didn’t run on the field and stop the momentum the Packers had going. Like the “snow angel” guy… the Packer game guy will go down in infamy.

    17. Main says:

      How about including the streaker from the Calgary Flames game a couple years back that climbed the glass to get onto the ice surface only to fall from the top, knocking himself out, and being carted off bare-ass on a stretcher with the cops

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    19. Richard says:

      What about the guy that James Harrison slammed on the turf at the Steelers Browns game a few years back?

    20. jake says:

      #9 – Um, try blaming the rapacious Republican business owners that keep hiring illegal immigrants!

    21. Shawn says:

      Nothing here is near as funny as the guy at a Calgary Flames/Boston Bruins hockey game who went over the boards with nothing on but his socks and promptly fell and knocked himself out cold. He had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher.

    22. Z says:

      What about the KC Chiefs mascot helping tackle the drunk guy on the field at Arrowhead – then dog-piling on the guy after the cops tackled him and then flexing and posing?

    23. jerry says:

      here’s another Royals connection – a few years ago on opening day, my wife and I were sitting in left field general admission seats (a sad digression – there are no longer GA seats at the stadium; just overpriced reserved seats). I could hear this guy in front of us being dared by his buddies to jump over the wall. A few minutes later, that’s what he did, and when he landed, he broke his leg. It was flopping around behind him at about a 90-degree angle when he tried to stand up, and they had to stop the game for several minutes while they helped him off the field.
      Also in the same stadium during a Royals-Cubs interleague game, a streaker dove head first into second base. I’m not sure how he didn’t tear off his frank and beans, but he continued running to the outfield fence, unsuccessfully tried to climb the wall, then was tackled by security a few seconds later – and the security didn’t bother to cover him up with a towel until several seconds later while they were walking him off the field. Classic!

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    25. Dave says:

      Nothing is as funny as the Flames fan who jumped on to the ice naked (except for his socks and shoes) and knocked himself out laying flat on his back on then had to be carted off on a gurney. To make it even funnier he had to strip in the stands then climb over 5 to 6ft of plexiglass to get on the ice. He was giving the thumbs up on the way out too. By far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen reagrding a fan in sports.

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