Daily Dump: Sexy Rexy Back, Pot University, Gay Roommate And How To Argue Like A Girl

Whose New England Super Bowl Ring Buried In This Cleavage?Whose New England Super Bowl Ring Buried In This Cleavage?
Texan Female Teachers Brawl At Kids Basketball GameTexan Female Teachers Brawl At Kids Basketball Game



That’s an interesting pose. 

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Today’s Dump:

University teaches you how to grow pot [Tasty Booze]

Floyd Mayweather gets serious coin for Wrestlemania [Sports By Brooks]

20 greatest show intros of all time [on205th.com]

The professor has a new favorite rapper [MacGsWorld]

Sexy Rexy is back in Chicago, drinks for everyone [Rumors and Rants]

Steven A. eats Doodles [Brahsome]

Blogger enjoys Tennessee win over Memphis [Losers With Socks]

Pretty boys taking a punch [Cage Potato]

10 reasons Bonds would jump ship to Japanese league [Epic Carnival]

Why it would be funnier if Bonds ended up in Tampa [I'm Writing Sports]

Gay rooommate from hell [Blog of Hilarity]

Chris Bosh as Michael Jackson, not sure if that is compliment [Cuzoogle]

Today’s Tail:

Yet another chick you have no shot at [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

We’re all for this drink if it helps land women [COED]

She’s an exotic foreigner in a bikini [Bright Black Internet]

This could help you down the road “How to argue like a girl” [Holy Taco]

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