The Terrell Suggs Fight Photos We've Never Seen

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Did you know Terrell Suggs had the franchise tag slapped on him? Yeah, whatever that means. All we know is he’s going to make a huge amount of money that this site will never equal in hits.

But we would never bring up Suggs unless there was a real reason. Our ultimate motive of this post was to show off the photos you may have never seen (BC hadn’t) from the Terrell Suggs and friends vs. some punks at an ASU pickup basketball event from 2003. Suggs was eventually cleared of felony assault charges.


Looks like some punks got bloodied up that long ago day. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Never mess with a college stud who’s going to make NFL millions. Those guys have friends.

If you’ve seen these, too bad.


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