Daily Dump: A Burger For Dmitri Young, Vols Celebrate, Stopping Tiger Woods And Jimmy Effs Ben

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Um, that pineapple isn’t going to cut itself. Snap, snap

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Today’s Dump:

The Oscar losers really winners thanks to Pollies [Polly Staffle]

UT Vols Jordan Howell tries to sing Marvin Gaye [Deuce of Davenport]

Blogger plays media member, gets to eat hot dogs from press row [Sports Media Journal]

Tasing yourself takes talent [Tasty Booze]

A hamburger after Dmitri Young’s heart [on205th.com]

UT Vols’ fans celebrate like a West Virginia fan [Losers With Socks]

10 ways to stop Tiger Woods machine [Epic Carnival]

Ted Kennedy a bad singer [Holy Taco]

Jimmy Kimmel effing Ben Affleck [Brahsome]

How one blogger would handle illegal Mexican problem [Blog of Hilarity]

Bob Sapp of MMA fame gets beat up, loses [Cage Potato]

The toddler of grunge [Blog of Hilarity]

Do not attempt this on your treadmill [COED]

Today’s Tail:

Ladies of the South just the way you expect them [Poon of the SEC]

These should keep you busy today (NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

This beach looks very inviting, Jessica White looks nice [Bright Black Internet]

Playboy does logical, starts own networking site [News Record]