Illinois Students Gearing Up For UnOfficial St. Patty's Party

Green beer, green shirts, green tongues, green thongs. It’s time for another Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Party at the University of Illinois – and students are gearing up, according to the Champaign News-Gazette.

Billed as “The Biggest Party in the Big Ten,” organizers say this year the party will last for 2 days and “bars, houses, and streets will be overflowing with thousands of drunk college kids wearing green, having green tongues and so on.”


The “UnOfficial” has gotten so big and so crazy, police and school officials wish it would die. The would-be party disorganizers say they can’t shut down liquor sales because “if they find the bars closed, they will take over the streets and riot in the streets,” the Champaign mayor says.

We’ve been to some big college holiday parties such as the Halloween bash at Ohio U. but this one sounds like a must-do. A simple look at “UnOfficial” photos tells us it is the St. Patty’s Day party of the year.

Congrats, kids. Drink one for us.

[Daily Illini Photos]




    1. Jordan says:

      This may very well be a nice party, and younger kids love it because they can get into the bars at 19 in Champaign, but UnOfficial sucks so much because every person at U of I talks aboput how great it is all year long. You hear about UnOfficial in February, in June, In August, in October, in December. All they ever talk about is the one time a year they get drunk. I remeber my first beer. Their incessant raving about going to class drunk and drinking before noon once a year is the most annoying thing ever. UofI “children” can’t last an entire weekend at Illinois State University and though we may not have as big of an organized bash, We tend not to brag about our drinking because people would simply get exhasuted trying to remember all the days we, :went to class drunk, had a keg on monday, went to foul shots on tuesday, Pub Club’d at the PubII on Wednesday, had two kegs on Thursday, went downtown on Friday, Had 5 kegs on Saturday, then went to the “Children” at the U of I are simply not on the same level. During there precious “UnOfficial” I’ll be lighting up the beaches of Panama City with 500 other ISU buds.

      Sincerely, ISU Biological Sciences (Pre-Med Major) Senior,
      Jordan D.

    2. Jordan DBAG says:

      Why do you write long of response on a website that no one will read..fucking loser

      ISU(I Screwed Up)

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