Charlie Hartley – The Bo Jackson Of Bass Fishing

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The Arkansas Democrat Gazette snags news today on Charlie Hartley (5-9, 140) who’s within striking distance of landing the 2008 Bassmaster Classic title. It seems Hartley is the Bo Jackson of the Bass Series, taking up competitive fishing after a career as a professional skateboarder. Hartley gained headlines today after having a group of Hooters chicks distracting him on day two of the Classic Championship.


“Hartley said his pattern collapsed Saturday. He also said he lost his focus a couple of times because of the spectator boats, including a boat full of Hooters girls, and it probably cost him a couple of fish,” reports the Democrat Gazette.

“Yesterday, nobody was interested in watching Charlie fish, but today there were a few more people interested in that,” Hartley said. “I’m a little bit of a ham, and I end up playing to the crowd sometimes, and I need to be game-faced, you know, focused. The way I fish takes every single concentration of every cell in my body.

Fishermen have a game face? That’s news to us, but it’s even bigger news that Hartley used to shred for a living. Oh, and he lists “Alternative” as his favorite type of music.

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