The Evolution Of Jenn Sterger


Not much has changed in the Jenn Sterger Worldâ„¢. Her boobs remain huge. She continues to love college sports. And advertisers are still willing to shell out money to send her around the country to create video greatness.

Epic Carnival, via the work of the MacGsWorld (a.k.a. The Professor of Poon), tells us that Jenn is back on the road contributing pieces for Sports Illustrated and Sprint.

So we figured, what the hell, let’s create the Video Evolution of Jenn Sterger.

The early years: Just becoming famous for huge boobs. Musburger soon makes Jenn famous.

Jenn talks about heartbreak after her boyfriend broke up with her. What a moron!

Our favorite reporter becomes Jenn-X and visits Wisconsin, for some stupid reason.

Jenn remains quiet for 2007 NCAA football season, resurfaces in January 2008 for Sprint. Plays miniature golf with two other chicks. Thousands of men thank God for Jenn’s return.

Our favorite $10,000 breast implants continue to churn out videos for Sprint. This time Jenn counts down her Top 10 Baseball Movies list.

And…finally…Jenn takes 2 Memphis basketball players on a tour of Graceland. The players proceed to look at Jenn’s mounds instead of the Elvis homestead. 56 YouTube viewers tune in over a 10-day span. Sprint contemplates asking for its money back.

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    1. Andy says:

      She’s hot but I know that I would not be able to stand to ever be around her again five minutes after we fucked.

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    3. tim says:

      jenn was my lab partner in a psych class. shes actually pretty cool, down to earth. at fsu shes just one of thousands of hot girls.

    4. Heather says:

      Proof positive that you can be pretty on the outside, but you’ll always be ugly within. Her ex boyfriend was wise. Girls like this are fun for a couple of minutes, then they’re totally annoying, and no girl is pretty enough to sustain a relationship when they’re that unappealing personally.

    5. manny says:

      my god she sounds like a major beeyatch. Hot as hell but I have to agree with Andy on this one.

      @tim: was she copying your homework by any chance

    6. dk77 says:

      heather sounds like an ugly chick

    7. Dante84 says:

      Andy – You’d probably have a snowball’s chance in hell with her, but you’re right…you probably wouldn’t want to talk to her afterwards. She’d expose you for being an idiot.

      Heather – Jealousy’s ugly, and I bet you are too. Just because your boyfriend thinks of her while he’s stuck doing you doesn’t mean you should take it out on her.

    8. Andreii says:

      Jenn Sterger is so hot. I’ve seen thousands of times her pics on this link:

    9. scissorhands says:


    10. brandon says:

      She is a whore extortionist…

    11. Dude says:

      She has the classic stripper/porn actress look…nice body, great breasts, weird shaped head, and an awkward face.

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