Daily Dump: Ashley Judd Wet, Barkley’s Run For Office, Brett Myers Tricks And Airport Cop Pinup

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We can only hope Ashley gets soaked in today’s winner’s circle

Welcome to the Weekend Dump. BC strives to make this quick, harmless and hopefully humorous. If you’re a blogger, get your links in before 8 a.m. and we’ll pimp your work here at the blog that continues to give back to the community.

Today’s Dump:

Barkley will run for office [Deadspin]

How many NASCAR fans will slice their wrists if Toyota wins today? [Washington Post]

Ashley Judd’s jugs will be huge attraction at Daytona 500 [AJC]
Brett Myers is the new Ashton Kootcher [Bugs and Cranks]

Roscoe Parrish gets himself a DUI [Miami Herald]

Look what I found: A briefcase with $140,000 [St. Pete Times]
Kimbo Slice drops Tank Abbott [on205th.com]
Man doesn’t like bar patrons, hits them with bear spray [Seattle PI]
Allure of nightclubs can be strong for athletes [KC Star]

From night-shift airport cop to pinup girl [LA Times]