The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Photos You Haven't Seen

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2265254168_c02fe880331.jpgBy now you’ve ripped through your copy of the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The pages are torn, you’ve Googled the models and wished nothing but harm to Leo DiCaprio so you’ll someday have a chance with Bar Rafaeli.

But have you seen these behind the scenes photos provided to us by Flickr user Lilikip. Seems like he/she works for SI or the photographers associated with the shoots.

This is obviously our dream. We don’t want all the responsibility to take the photos. BC just wants to be in the room. A boob flash here and there would suffice.

Marisa Miller explains just how difficult it is on one of these shoots.

(Miller) revealed on David Letterman’s The Late Show on Monday that she had a bra and panties painted onto her naked body for part of the shoot.

The paint was oil-based, but that didn’t stop her from making a mad dash when it started to pour, reported Showbiz Spy.

Miller, 29, said her whole body was shaved for the shoot.

Blushing, she said it was like being prepped for surgery.

See, that is exactly the type of job we can handle. Painting. We’ve painted walls with intricate crown molding. How hard could it be to paint around Miller’s huge boobs? The least we could do is try.


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