Christian Group Plans Demonstration On Steps Of ESPN


More appalling: Berman’s use of Jesus Christ or his golf swing?


Wow. We never saw this coming.

Religious groups are so appalled by Dana Jacobson and Chris Berman’s 8 year old rants using “Jesus Christ” and “Goddammn” that they’ve announced a protest rally in front of ESPN tomorrow at Noon.

Be there. Meet at the McDonald’s.

The group is demanding the following:

The Christian Defense Coalition will be calling on ESPN to take three positive steps toward building a culture of religious tolerance in their workplace:

*Discipline or terminate any employee that uses religiously intolerant and hateful language such as “Goddamn” or the negative use of “Jesus Christ” in the workplace.

*Sponsor a workplace seminar and dialogue on religious tolerance and discrimination in the workplace. ESPN has held similar seminars on race and gender but never on religion.

*Host a discussion on one of their programs featuring the topic of the offensive use of “Goddamn” and “Jesus Christ” within the sports world.

[H/T Deadspin]

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    1. DCScrap says:

      Where the fuck do you get this shit? You are really making me step up my game…

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