Daily Dump: Wine Bra, New Yankee Stadium, WVU Boots, Feds Put Out Hit And Andrea Vargo

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Big Gay Rich thought you guys would appreciate this photo

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Today’s Dump:

Football With (No) Balls [Rumors and Rants]

Another sign print journalism is in trouble (see photo in link) [NY Times]

A day in the life of Bobby Knight [Rivalfish]

This bra redefines the word rackage [Randball]

The new Yankee Stadium should ONLY cost $1.3 billion [Sports by Brooks]

WVU boots three arrested on drug charges [Charleston Gazette]

Feds hand out gambling charges to Gambino family [Staten Island Advance]


The World’s Largest Liquor Store [Tasty Booze]

No Country For Old McCain [MacGsWorld]

Go Go Gadget Junk [Brahsome]

Today’s Tail:

Andrea Vargo Was a Hometown Hottie [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

The SI Swimsuit issue is just around the corner [on205th.com]

A Creamer Ad With A Porn Angle [Bright Black Internet]

Keeley Hazell is Posing in a Bikini With Statues of the Day [Drunken Stepfather]

Meet the Dreamscooner (Eli Manning) [Blog of Hilarity]

Sophia Bush Loves Metallic Minis [Just Jared]

The club you and I won’t be visiting this weekend [ClubPlanet]

Canadian blogger’s Top 7 Hottest Women in the World [Cuzoogle]