College Football Signing Day Has Gotten Out Of Control


Thousands of high school kids -teenagers- from across the country signed agreements to play college football this week and we couldn’t be more depressed about the entire process.

Take the above example. These guys busted ass for 4 years to one day sign a piece of paper to play for Central Methodist University in Missouri. Repeat, Central Methodist. The team plays outside of Missouri ONCE all of next season.

And the proud moment is captured with a digital camera in a high school gymnasium. What, no Cal hats available?

Whatever happened to signing the letter and mailing it in with your Sports Illustrated renewal? Now everything has to be a production. If I was talented enough to have a signing day I’d be downing beers with my dad and playing cards. Or maybe I’d be out chasing chicks and make a pit-stop at a FedEx to drop off the intent papers.

Someone needs to snap these kids out of robot mode. It’s scaring me.


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