Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees Doesn't Like Cops


Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees has a mean streak. We can only imagine she’s a firecracker in the sack. Likely will try anything – twice. We’re guessing threesomes, bringing chicks home from the bar, whipped cream Twister, etc. Our imagination runs wild with this chick.

The only problem is she might be a little too crazy for Busted Coverage.

She was arrested Tuesday night in Las Vegas and proceeded to hit and kick a cop after being stopped for traffic violations.

(The infamous Katie Rees photos after the jump.)


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    1. Andy says:

      Crazy chicks are great as long as you never give them your real phone number.

    2. DARXYDE 666 says:

      the only chicks I ever get are this crazy, but generally not this hot, even though she’s pretty busted up in her mug shot, and probably a paranoid tweaker from hell…I’d give her a shot

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