February Playboy Playmate Michelle McLaughlin Just A Small Town Girl


February Playboy Playmate Michelle McLaughlin is looking for a boyfriend in time for Valentine’s Day, she tells Inside Bay Area.

The honor of being chosen as a Playboy Playmate has given her more confidence to stick up for herself and a sense that “I deserve more respect from these guys.”

Oh, Michelle, we are full of respect. How a guy can disrespect you is insane.

We love the fact that you’re a baseball fan, even though it says on your MySpace page that you’d like to meet Barry Zito. You’ve already met Rich Aurilia and that doesn’t bother us because he’s a lifetime .265 hitter with a decent arm at short.



Meeting Jose Reyes might concern us, though.


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  1. Andy says:

    Respect? It’s like she forgot that she is a filthy little whore. I bet her relationship with her dad is just awesome.

  2. J Koot says:

    She’s 21 and expecting guys to respect her.

    Seems like a lot to ask from the male species.

  3. Andy says:

    It’s hard to respect a girl who is probably going down on Pauly Shore right now.

  4. She looks very pretty and like a really sweet girl. I’d like to model with her sometime though I’m in Texas.

  5. nicolas says:

    Michelle Mclaughlin does Deserve Respect, especially from the guys, or is it Boys, that posted above!
    Michelle, not only being beautiful, is charming, sweet, great personality, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, caring, a great friend and Loves Our 4 footed friends!
    I Love This Gal!
    Definately my choice for PMOY 09!!

  6. erik akira says:

    all I wanna do is just fuck her in her tiny sweet tight ass

  7. […] but usually it is a combination of things- it could be something as crazy as hearing you sing to a song on the radio while you’re changing the oil in her […]

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